Lies I Tell Myself

It's Thanksgiving, y'all! 


One of the things that always remains consistent on Thanksgiving Day is the lie I tell myself when I say I'm not going to eat as much this year. I mean, come on. We all know that's not true. Thanksgiving is made for donning stretchy pants and eating turkey and pumpkin pie until we just can't take it anymore. Yet, I still find myself holding onto that little white lie every Thanksgiving Eve.

So in that spirit, I thought today was the perfect day for an edition of Lies I Tell Myself. I usually have the best intentions and fully believe I'm going to do the thing I'm telling myself. But somewhere between saying and doing, the wheels fall off. 



This time I'll use less butter.

I don't have an opinion on that.

I'm going to use my Sephora VIB points this time instead of hoarding them.

I'm not going to ask for extra cheese.

Tomorrow, I will get back to a regular work out schedule.

This will fit if I just put on some Spanx.

If I make a menu plan for the week, I'll cook every day.

I'll be able to resist the SVU marathon this time. 

Don't leave me out on the confessional limb by myself, blogettes! What are some of the lies you tell yourself?


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