Goal Setting 2015

I originally decided against doing a standard 2015 goals post, even though I knew there were things I definitely wanted to accomplish this year, both personally and professionally. But ultimately I knew that I needed to get them down on paper. I needed something to be accountable to. I needed something to look back on to see where I've grown and to see where I still need to focus. 

I didn't want to take the "15 in 2015" route because what if I have more or less than 15? I don't want to quantify the number of goals I have because I don't want them to be there just to round out a number. I want them to be intentional. I want them to make a difference. Goal Setting 2015 is a mixture of personal and professional. Some are seemingly small things, while others are big dreams, but all serve a very intentional purpose for my 2015.

Goal Setting 2015 | Christina Sloan Events

Book three more weddings for 2015. 

Plan, design, and execute three styled shoots.

Establish and coordinate an annual year-end event for area wedding professionals.

Expand my knowledge of floral design. I feel okay about it now, but I want to take it to the next level. I want to feel so much more confident about not just design, but the proposal process as well.

Establish an editorial calendar and blog 4-5 days a week.

Attend two conferences / workshops / training opportunities. Investing in education and continual learning and growth is SO important, especially for a growing business. Attending AH Inspired in 2014 only fueled my fire for learning opportunities.

Have three features, either online or in print.

Continue to refine my brand, including a complete CSE bride and groom experience.

Continue plans and prep for the 2015 launch of part two of my business. Southern Passport and Southern Ground Design. It's going to be so good, y'all.

Purchase an iPad. It may seem a little silly and I'm probably the last person in the US to not have one, but I've reached the point where I really need one to make consults and design meetings easier and more productive.

Stay on top of my business finances. I am the WORST at doing this regularly. I'm a shove-receipts-in-a-pretty-little-box-on-my-desk-and-deal-with-them-later kind of gal. The problem is that later doesn't come until it *has* to (read: when my CPA is basically yelling at me).

(Finally) Finish our entire home remodel. 

Finish setting up the CSE office and floral design studio. Oh, yes. That's right! We've revamped our remodel plans to include my very own floral design studio, complete with walk-in cooler. My life is going to be forever changed!

Create the CSE Bride Binder. This has been in my thoughts and on my heart for a long time time. This is going to be the year I bring the vision to life.

Finalize a system for floral orders, proposals, and recipes. 

Continue networking with friends in the wedding and creative industry through social media, emails, mailed cards and packages, and lunch dates. 

Learn to manage and lead a growing CSE team. There is definitely a steep learning curve here as I navigate this area of my business for the first time. 

2015 is going to be a year of learning, of growth, of being intentional, of cultivating meaningful relationships, and of making dreams come true. 


Goal Setting 2015 | Wedding Planners Birmingham Alabama

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