Current Obsessions

My New Phone CaseThis could not be more perfect for me. Gold pineapples, y'all. I'm in love.

Drop Dead Diva. I've been in love with this show from the beginning, but after last year it was cancelled. Enter the sads. EXCEPT IT'S BACK. After discussing the return with one of my Twitter besties, Courtney, my excitement has been off the charts.

Making Things Happen Conference. I'm finally taking the leap with some things I've had floating around for several years now. And I am over the moon excited to start the process at this intensive in October. You'll likely be hearing a lot more about this in the coming months.

Natalie. The absolute greatest thing about social media is the relationships that come from it. I have been blessed with getting to know some pretty amazing women, and Nat is one of them. She gets me.

A few days ago, I received a package in the mail that was exactly what I needed that day. The CD has been on repeat, the verse is taped to my monitor at work, and the note...well it was written in Sharpie. She knows my life.

Katie. Keeping with the subject of Twitter-follow-turned-friend, life just wouldn't be the same without her. From tweets I could have written myself to DM/email conversations that make me laugh, think, and want to be a better person, the only thing lacking is living in the same town so we can braid each other's hair.

Nashville Doesn't Love MeThis post by Leigh Kramer hit hard. It is beautifully written and showed brutal honesty and vulnerability, something I think is lacking in the blog world today. Exchange "Nashville" for "Birmingham" and it could have be my story almost verbatim.

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