Current Obsessions


A Weekend Unplugged in my Hometown - Sometimes it's nice to put the phone down and spend some time with family. So that's what I did this past weekend. I packed my bags, left my charger in Alabama, and went to North Georgia. This picture was taken from the porch. It's a view I definitely can't get in Birmingham.


Coming Home to a Clean Kitchen and a Surprise from "Leroy" - On the last hour of the drive home, I started trying to convince myself how much fun it was going to be to come home and do all of the home things, like cleaning and laundry. Instead of coming home to all of that, I came back to a clean kitchen and a little surprise from "Leroy." If you know me at all, you know I love Sharpies and highlighters. Combine the two, and I'm over the moon. (Side Note: Leroy was definitely mistaken in signing his note in such a way. Let's be clear here: my dog is a Georgia dog.)


Receiving a Lovely Note in the Mail on Gorgeous Stationery - Earlier last week, I received the sweetest note from this pretty lady, who I have quickly grown fond of over our Twitter communications. Connecting with her has been one of the absolute best things.


Taylor Dayne Sing-a-Longs - No further explanation needed here.