Fiscal Responsibility


If you follow me on Twitter, you've no doubt seen me use that hashtag. It started off with two or three of my girls as a way to say we resisted buying something. Then a few more girls were added to the mix and we began to celebrate paying down debts and actively searching for ways to practice fiscal responsibility during the week. We've talked each other off the shopping ledge, and we've banded together to search for cheaper alternatives.

I can't speak for the other ladies, but I was reaching that point in life, where adulthood was hitting hard and it was nothing like I imagined it to be even 10 years earlier. Budgeting is hard, y'all!

And in this day of social media, the wants just keep coming. It seems like every blog I would read, every tweet I would see, would be of someone's new and fabulous purchase. How is it even real life to be able to treat yourself to something brand new every day? In my world, it isn't. Even though, for several months, I gave it a valiant effort. I bought so much stuff, I never knew what packages would be showing up at the house each day.

I turned into someone I didn't even really recognize. I wasn't happy. I had a lot of stuff, but I wasn't as happy as those people made it seem. And then I found my fiscal responsibility girls, who love to celebrate a good deal / debt pay off with me.

What started out as three of us, has turned into a lovely group of Twitter ladies.

Katie, Natalie, and I will be doing Fiscal Friday linkups every other Friday to share our journeys, our mistakes, our success, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious.

Grab the button below and leave a comment to let us know you're joining in on the fiscal responsibility fun so we can come say hello! And don't forget to join us between Fridays on Twitter, using #fiscalresponsibility!

Fiscal Friday

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