Over-Scheduled, Over-Worked, and Overwhelmed

I am currently:

  • Working 60-75 hours per week, complete with a 2 hour daily commute.
  • Founding / Designing not one, but two, new site concepts from the ground up
  • Solo planning two events: a bridal shower and a celebration dinner for October
  • Double placed in my Junior League with a chairing position on our Market Committee and a 2-3 weekend a month commitment to the Birmingham Children's Theatre.
  • On call for 24 hour periods several times a month as a rape response advocate.
  • Part of the 2013-2014 Leadership Institute certification program.
  • Once a week small group that requires some pretty intense work throughout the week.
  • Struggling with infertility and the ramifications - mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially
  • Trying to be a good wife, daughter/daughter-in-law, granddaughter, sister-in-law, niece, cousin, and friend.
  • Working on a business plan / starting a new business, in addition to my full time career (for now)
  • Trying to keep up with two Twitter accounts, a blog, Instagram, Pinterest, reading/commenting on blogs, and various other forms of social media
  • Completely renovate/remodel/purge a (too large) house from the inside out, ground up.

I am over-scheduled, over-worked, and overwhelmed. It's hard to think about giving any one of those things up, but what good is it to do all of those things only half way. I'm not giving any of them my full attention or the work they require/deserve.

I'm trying to hold it all together and do it all, but I'm not being honest with myself or those around me. My sleep, my health, my relationships, and my sanity have suffered. I simply cannot do it all. And I can't keep pretending like I can.

As someone with an extreme type-a, perfectionist, OCD personality, I feel like saying no, or admitting that one (or four) of these things needs to be put on hold right now is admitting failure. But I just can't keep doing it all.

It's time to make the hard decisions of what takes priority and what needs to to be let go. It's time to make what matters most happen, and be okay with letting go of the rest.

As a life-long people pleaser (it isn't something I love about myself, but it's true), it's so hard for me to feel like I'm disappointing anyone. But in the process of trying to make everyone else happy, I'm letting them - as well as myself - down, with not giving 100%.

How do y'all do it? Have you learned how to prioritize and say no without guilt? Please tell me your secrets!