Being A Blessing

All too often, we become wrapped up in our own little world. We are so focused on our problems, always looking at ourselves and our latest “crisis.” It leads to feelings of isolation, frustration, and middle-of-the-night-kitchen-breakdowns.

Why? Because we were called to be a blessing.

I’m embarrassed to admit that this is something I am not intentional about at all. I often think of little ways to show others I care, to give them small things that will make them smile, but I rarely follow through. I get too caught up in the busyness of life, in my own problems or day-to-day situations, and never take action.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with one of my very favorite people, Natalie, about being intentional on being a blessing and actively seeking out opportunities to glorify God through being a blessing to others.

I want to really listen to others and find small ways to help them or to make their day a little brighter. I want to be attentive to the needs of those God has set in my path and be a source of constant encouragement.

It’s so easy for anyone to get pushed down by the everyday grind. We live in a world that seems to thrive on negativity, but there is good in every situation and there are countless ways we have the chance to help make someone’s day a little brighter.

It’s time to start being intentional about focusing on filling others’ needs, lifting them up, complimenting them, letting them know someone is in their corner.

It is not enough to simply feel love; we have to show it. We have to express it. Love is not love until we give it away…and we should be giving it away at every opportunity.

I'm going to be intentional about looking to Jesus for the example. His entire life was spent blessing others. Even in the face of great suffering on the Cross, He was looking out for other people: the thief crucified next to Him, His mother, all of US.

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