Focusing on What Matters



Focus. It's something I often find myself lacking.

I allow distractions to keep me from giving people/things/work my full attention.

Twitter is always running in the background. I check Instagram multiple times a day. My phone is always within reach and I'm constantly checking it. My email is always open and I check it any time one comes through.

All of these are things that I can control. Things that I can live without checking constantly. Things I *have* lived without for many more years than I've had them.

It sounds easy enough to just not do these things, but I've gotten so used to having them as part of my daily life that it's become almost an addiction. An addiction that it's time to break.

The world isn't going to end if I only check Twitter twice a day or emails once every couple of hours. But what will change is my focus. The quality of my work. The quality of my relationships. The quality of my day.

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Focusing on what matters means I can take back control of my day, my time, my relationships, and my life. And that is worth going through a little bit of withdrawal.

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