I'm Going Big

I've always been the kind of gal who lives by lists. I use to-do lists every single day, which is really just a form of mini-goal setting.

I get things crossed of that list daily, but I still often find myself feeling like I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile.

It's time to get serious about setting the big goals. The hard goals. The goals that are scary and challenging.

Putting it on paper makes it real, and that? Is terrifying.

What if I fail?

What if someone laughs at me?

I'm letting the negative what ifs hold me back, and that's just plain silly.

What if I succeeded?

What if I inspired someone?

What if my life changes?

These are the what ifs that should be driving me.

It's in the fear that change happens. If we aren't scared, if we aren't  uncomfortable, then we aren't growing. It's no wonder I'm crossing off every item on my to-do list and still feeling empty. I'm not focusing on the big goals, on the things that are going to help me achieve what matters most in my life.

It's time to step out and make those ridiculously big goals. The daily to-do list? That will be my action steps toward achieving those big goals. I've gotta start somewhere, right?

I'm taking that leap of faith.

I'm going big.

I'm going to be intentional about taking the time to really get to the core of what matters most to me and set the goals, big and small, that help me make that happen.

As I work through that process and get those goals down in writing, I'm going to dig deep and find the courage to share them with you. And I want to hear your Big Goals, too! How are you going big?

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