Saying Yes

I've mentioned how (and why) it's so hard for me to set boundaries and say no, but have I told you that I also have a problem saying yes? Because I do.

When you feel bad about saying no and fear keeps you from saying yes, it's a whole lot of crazy.

Dinner parties. Couples outings. Bridal showers. Conferences. Workshops. Small Groups.

I want to say yes.

Sometimes, I do say yes. But when I do, more often than not, I end up backing out of my yes.

When I follow through, I rarely regret it.

So why don't I stop finding the reasons I can't, and just start saying yes?

Because being around groups of people I don't know stresses me out.

Because staying in clothes, hair, and makeup one second longer 5:00pm is almost too much to think about.

Because I'm afraid I won't fit in.

Because the anxiety of the unknown (people, places, conversations) is overwhelming.

Because I'm afraid of doing, being, or saying the wrong thing.

Because putting myself out there is terrifying.

All of those are excuses. And because of the excuses, I'm missing out on some pretty great things and wonderful relationships.

I can make the choice to not miss out on those things.

I can make the choice to say yes and follow through.

It isn't going to be easy, and I'm not going to even pretend like everything will change immediately, but if I don't start working toward it now, will I ever?

It's time to start saying yes a little more often.

Do you often find yourself in the same type of thought pattern or situation? How do you move past it? I'd love to hear what's worked for you!

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