Fiscal Friday: The Budgeting Begins

Sort of. It's more like pre-budgeting. Since I've been living basically willy-nilly budget free, I first need to get an accurate idea of the numbers I'll be dealing with each month, both incoming and outgoing.

So this month, I'm going to start focusing on what comes in, what goes out, and where changes can be made.

I'll be keeping every receipt, noting every expense and plugging them into a preliminary budget to see where I stand. Next month will be about tweaking, but this month is all in the discovery.

I won't lie, Internet. I'm quite scared of what kind of nasty things might be uncovered this month. But it's a necessary evil, and I just keep telling myself that in the end, it will be worth all the frustrations, angry tears, and fist shakes.

I'll be spending this month figuring out what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to budget layout, processes, etc. And of course I'll be sharing my findings during Fiscal Fridays. Together, we'll learn to live on budgets like real adults! (But mostly, I'm really going to be needing you guys to hold me when I cry, which I anticipate will be a lot.)

Join me in November as I create a life on a budget. Fiscal Friday posts are every other Friday and can be on any topic you choose! Just grab the button and join the Fiscal Friday fun! You can also join in on Twitter using #fiscalresponsibility. Grab the button below and join me, Katie, and Natalie in Fiscal Friday! Our next post in the series will be November 15.

Fiscal Friday

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