Get Real

If you have known me for any amount of time - whether in real life, on social media, or both - you have no doubt heard me talk/rant/complain about the perception of perfection on the Internet. (The first appearance this topic made on my blog was here, but I assure you this is only one of *many* posts/tweets/occasions in which this was discussed.) The clothes we wear, the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the food we eat, the dishes we eat it all seems inadequate at one time or another. And that, Internet? That's just ridiculous. That isn't real life. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE. We all know your life isn't that perfect. Show us the dishes piled up in the sink. Show us the bed head and crazy eyes from when you first wake up. Show us the paper plates you eat your microwaved leftovers on. Because that? That is all stuff that happens in life.

As you can see, I get quite riled up over this.

Yesterday, one of my main BFFs Courtney sent me the following tweet:


She knows my life, Internet. She was 100% correct...I love it!

Real Simple has declared this week Get Real on the Internet Week and I could not possibly love it more than I already do.

I'll even start it off right here and show you the condition in which I am currently living:


That, Internet, is a garbage bag barrier held together with painter's tape on top of my kitchen counters (also covering cabinets and pretty much every other kitchen surface) as we remove the popcorn ceilings in Step 1 of approximately 1,742,519 steps in the Great Home Remodel That Is Going To Kill Us All. I'd like to say that lasted for only a day, but nope. We're going strong on multiple days of Popcorn Removal. Who needs drop cloths and fancy tools when you can just tear garbage bags, redneck-style?

Join me with Real Simple this week on Twitter with #rsgetreal. Because let's get real (ha!): No one believes your life is that perfect anyway. And wouldn't it be nice to not spend 20 minutes taking the perfect picture and finding the perfect filter for that apple you're not going to eat because what you're really doing to do is tear into a bag of Oreos?