I Don't Know How to Eat

After years of struggles it would take more than one blog post to cover, I have (finally...and long overdue) made the choice to get serious about getting healthy. The problem? I have no idea where to start...or even how to do it.

I've been giving it a valiant effort the past two weeks, and here's the thing I've discovered.

I don't know how to eat. I literally (and I'm using that word literally) have no idea how to be healthy.

It's easy enough to know which foods are glaringly bad for me - with my condition, it's mostly refined sugar or anything that can turn into sugars (moment of silence for my BFF, Carbs).

So I mostly cut them out. I started making healthier choices. Breakfast is a healthy breakfast bar. Lunch has been a Healthy Choice / Lean Cuisine type meal. Water. I drink so much water. And I think to myself, "Hey, I'm doing pretty good with this."

Then 2:00 rolls around and I'm so hungry, I actually consider gnawing on my desk for a while. It gets ugly, Internet. Real ugly.

So by the time it's an acceptable dinner time, I'm so hungry I just shove whatever I can find in my mouth, thereby ruining my otherwise healthy choices for the day.

After about a week of this cycle, I realized that I honestly have no idea how to eat. And I never have. Poor choices were made for me as a kid, and I've never known anything else.

How do you eat healthy without being so hungry you'd knock a small child over to get to a plate of food by afternoon? Do I need a more substantial breakfast? Do I need more snacks? I have no idea what constitutes a "good" meal or snack. It's so discouraging to think I'm doing so well half the day and then spend the rest of the day feeling like I've failed.

And so I turn to you, Internet, for advice. Show me your ways. Or point me to some Internet material that can help me learn. Pretty please?