Sunday Drive


I'm not sure how March got here so quickly, but I thank the good gravy that February is over. It was a rough month all the way around and I'm not sorry to see it go.

To welcome March, and the new week ahead, I decided to spend yesterday recharging. As a pretty extreme introvert, I typically find myself recharging at home alone. A great weekend in my book is one that allows for full-on hermit mode and not leaving the house from Friday night to Monday morning.

A few weeks back, my girl Natalie blogged about Sunday Drives and it made me really start missing the days we used to take Sunday drives every week. This week, we brought the Sunday drive back.

We started out at a home emporium that I quickly fell in love with. I managed to keep my spending at a minimum, though (fiscal responsibility!), and left with a mat for our front porch and tile for our laundry room and downstairs bathroom (more on that as the renovations start taking place).

Because the weather was AMAZING (75 degrees with blue skies) we decided to just drive around a while and enjoy it.


Which led us to the center of Alabama. In case you didn't know (I didn't) the center of Alabama is in the middle of a cemetery down a random dirt road.


We finished up the drive with some BBQ Brisket Cheese Fries and hot Krispy Kremes. Healthy? No. A delicious end to a good day? Yes.


It was a lovely little day and I fully intend to bring the Sunday Drive back into our lives on a regular basis. It was a big reminder of how nice it is to focus on the things that matter. I mean, how different would life be for us all if we just slowed down a little and brought back the Sunday Drive?