Fiscal Friday: Small Victories

I'm all about celebrating the small victories in life. The small day-to-day things are what lead us to the big things. This is especially true when it comes to finances. So I decided that for this month's Fiscal Friday post, we're going to celebrate the small things. I paid off my smallest student loan. I use the term "smallest" very loosely here, because it didn't start out small and manageable. But little by little, I whittled it down and am now done with it. I'll roll that payment into my next smallest loan until it's paid off, too. It feels like such a slow process sometimes, but it works.

I came in $1000 under budget on appliances. The Great Remodel That Is Going to Kill Us All has officially gotten underway this week. No demo has taken place yet - that will be next week - but kitchen cabinets and counters have been ordered and appliances purchased. I did weeks of research into appliances and pretty much knew what I was going for when I walked in the door. I shopped around online, narrowed down my budget, and got down to business. Thanks to the negotiation tactics of my husband, we walked out the door $1000 less ($1,003.84 less, to be exact) than what I had budgeted and was prepared to spend. The total amount we spent included delivery charges and 5 year extended warranties, which added up to almost $600, so strictly appliance-wise, I was actually $1600.00 under budget. OH HAPPY DAY.

I lowered our cell phone bill by $45 a month. For years now, we've had the unlimited data plan. AT+T did away with this plan several years ago, but we were grandfathered in. Every time I would ask about different plans to lower the bill, they basically used scare tactics to keep me on the unlimited plan. "If you drop the plan, you can never get it back," they said. "You can't get better than unlimited," they said. We use approximately 0.017% of our data each month (shout out to free WiFi). Why do we need to keep paying more each month for unlimited? We don't. I don't miss the unlimited data, but I sure do love my extra mani/pedi money each month.

I'm still standing strong on my Sephora ban. If you know me at all, you know how huge this is. I talked about it last month when talking about short and long-term financial goals, but I'm going to be 100% honest here, Internet. I really thought I was going to struggle and fail with this one. But I haven't. I've unsubscribed from all of their emails and mailings. I'm only buying products I need when I need them.

Cue up the glitter cannons, y'all. I want to hear about your small victories, too (financial or otherwise!).

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Fiscal Friday

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