I am currently...

LISTENING – Luke Bryan. My musical interests are many and varied. Some might say I have really bad taste in music. I say it’s pretty awesome. I can get down to some Queen Celine or Whitney just as well as I can any top 40 list. Variety is the spice of life. But for the past week or so, I’ve pretty much had “She Get Me High,” “Like We Ain’t Ever,” and “Play it Again” by Luke Bryan on repeat. Add to that

WATCHING – A lot of things. I started listing them all out here and realize I probably need to devote an entire post to things I’m watching/DVR’ing. Stay tuned.

LOVING – My 80%ish finished kitchen. We still need to touch-up paint, install the backsplash and hardwoods, and decorate, but the major components are in and I am loving it. After going more than a year without a decent kitchen and 6 weeks without one that even had running water, I am over the moon happy with it thus far. I’m dying to share pictures, but am trying to hold out until it’s completely finished for the full before and after effect.

READING – User manuals, tutorials, and how-tos. Oh my! I want to be reading different things. Better things. But for now, my life is home renovation and business launching. And with that comes the task of figuring out just how I’m supposed to be doing something. Any time I have had for reading lately has been used for instructional purposes rather than reading blogs and a good book like I’d prefer.

OBSESSED – Fiestaware. I wanted new everyday dishes. My requirements were that they needed to be fun and dishwasher safe. Enter Fiestaware. I’ve always loved the look of Fiestaware and now they fit the feel and design of my kitchen perfectly. I’ve started my collection with some dinner plates and bowls in various colors and am every bit as obsessed now as I was in the beginning.

LEARNING – Illustrator, web site building, and fundamentals of starting a business/launching a brand. It’s not for the faint of heart. There are times I feel like I’m about to lose my everlovin’ mind. But I keep my eye on the prize and power through. In the end, I’ll be glad I can say I did it myself and have valuable knowledge that will help me in the future. Right? (Please say yes.)

ANTICIPATING – Upcoming conferences and intensives and the Caribbean. I already have three major events planned for the next 10 months: AH Inspired in Nashville in September, a 6 day cruise in October, and Stationery Academy in New Orleans next March. I’m fired up about AH Inspired and Stationery Academy and there will definitely be more coming on those in future weeks. The cruise was spontaneously planned this past Sunday. I’ll be heading out on a girl’s trip for 6 glorious Caribbean filled days. Say what you will about cruising, but I’m all about it for various reasons. This will be my 6th and each time I love it more than the previous.

PLANNING – The launch of new Southern lifestyle brand. I’ve been hard at work brainstorming, planning, and collaborating on a new brand that I hope to be unveiling soon. The behind-the-scenes work has been intense and seemingly never-ending, but there’s starting to be a little light at the end of the tunnel.

FEELING – Overwhelmed. A complete renovation overhaul while living in the home, creating a brand from the ground floor, balancing family dynamics and drama, working all the time, trying to continue being a good wife/daughter/Leroy mama, etc. leads to a great big feeling of overwhelm. But I’m working through it (see: Indulging).

INDULGING – In comfort foods, car concerts, and impromptu dance parties. Between doing a complete home renovation, launching a new brand from the ground up, working a more than full time career, and just doing life, I take my moments of indulgence anywhere I can get them.

WEARING – Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh. Since Springtime is here, I’ve made the switch from my fall/winter fragrance (Kate Walsh Boyfriend) to my spring/summer go-to, Daisy Eau so Fresh