May Goals


Intentional Date. I'd like to say that date night is something we do regularly, but sadly, it isn't. I've *wanted* to do it, but there just never seems to be time to make it happen. With the added stress and chaos of our renovation, I think there's no better time to make it a point to be intentional about having a date night / day. Whether it's a long dinner without phones or talks of work and home remodeling or a Saturday trip to the farmer's market and breakfast, this is the month it starts to happen.

Complain less, encourage more. Simple, but powerful.

30 Days of Workouts Challenge. One of my Twitter-turned-real-life-bffs Ruth (Natchez trip recap coming as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures off my camera...) is doing the challenge this month and I'm joining in. To be determined whether or not I survive.

Finish Kitchen Reno (minus floors). Cabinets, countertops, appliances, faucet, paint, backsplash...this is the month it gets D.O.N.E. done. I'm losing my mind and if this doesn't happen soon I fear a complete breakdown. I'm only sort of kidding. My goal is to have everything finished, except the floor. We have purchased the hardwoods, but since the floor will be laid at the same time at the end of the renovation, I'll have to deal with that a while longer.

I have a few more goals on my list for the month, but I'm not *quite* ready to get those out into the world just yet. Are you a goal-setter? I'd love to help cheer you on toward your goals this month!