June Goals

I had some really great intentions for May. I truly did. And then May happened. And kept happening. And wouldn't stop happening. So rather than recap May's goals, let's just call it a wash and start fresh with our June goals like May never happened.

Jess C Lively's #GratefulFor30 Experiment - Bottom line: I need to practice being grateful a lot more than I currently do. I often find myself complaining and being negative more than I do finding joy and feeling grateful. Real talk: I can go days at a time doing nothing but complaining or feeling negative and grumpy. It's terrible, but it's true. I'm hoping that by being intentional with gratefulness, I will find it coming more naturally than it does now. Because let's be honest: no one likes a Negative Nelly.

Reorganize Blog List and Read Consistently - I've let this get really, really out of hand. I've found myself accumulating blogs in my reading list until it's reached a ridiculous level. I added a few here and there out of a feeling of obligation, and then added some others because they are/were "popular" and I felt like I should like them since everyone else does. Pretty soon these blogs took over the list and the ones I truly enjoy reading fell to the wayside as I got further and further behind in reading. It's time to pare it back down to those I love and get back to reading, commenting, and generally being invested in the lives of people who inspire me, lift me up in the midst of renovation meltdowns, and tell me I'm crazy when I'm being crazy.

Get Pictures off Camera - Ruth and I went on our girls' trip in March and I still haven't figured out how to get the pictures off of my camera. Since then I've accumulated many other pictures - many that I'd really like to have to use in blog posts, yet I cannot figure out how to get them onto my computer for the life of me. Yes, there's a cord and yes, there's a CD. And while I can use the software to view them on my computer, I can't seem to save them on there. I've gotten so frustrated that I've just given up. This is the month I re-stock my wine supply to help with the frustration and get it figured out.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace (Bonnie Gray) - My dear friend Nicole has been reading this book and has had so many wonderful things to say about it. She and I have had many heart-to-hearts about life - our pasts, our nows, our futures - and based on her thoughts alone, I just knew I needed to read this book. Having already made the decision to purchase, I then saw this review from Holley Gerth: "If you’ve ever been hurt and needed healing, if you’ve ever been afraid and needed courage, if you’ve ever been weary and needed room to breathe…” Yes, yes, and yes.