In the Works

It's a new month, a new quarter, a new half of the year, and big changes are happening around here. 

The last half of 2014 is going to bring some pretty big changes, both personally and professionally. 

While it's all still a work in progress, the time has come to start going live with bits and pieces and (hopefully) watching it all come together over the coming months. 

It's a little scary putting something out there that so much heart has been poured into, especially when it isn't anywhere near complete, but I can't hold onto it forever. Even though we're still under construction in almost every area, I wanted to share with y'all a little of what the overall vision is and what you'll be seeing in the next weeks and months. will serve as the landing page to bring it all together, as well as host the blog. My blog will remain personal, rather than take on a business focus, so it seemed like the best place for it.

Southern Ground Design (debuting Fall 2014) - Specializing in Southern charm and hospitality, this stationery and graphic design company will celebrate the Southern spirit and our Southern roots while taking on a "classic, with a twist" vibe. We'll be starting out small, but we have lots of collections and plans in the works and can't wait to share them all with you as we grow. 

Southern Passport (launching January 2015) - Here we'll celebrate home towns, home teams, and home cooking. This will be a distinctively Southern site, showcasing all of the things that make the South what it is today. Rather than focus on stereotypes or "Southern" know-how, we'll be sharing our deep love for the region and the stories she holds. New South Spirit, Old South Hospitality.

It's been so hard to be working on this behind the scenes for so long and not be able to share it with y'all. But now that it's out there, we're more excited than ever to see it all come together.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as each site begins to go live over the next several months. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates using the sign up bar at the top of the page for a monthly dose of updates and exclusive content and opportunities.

Also, please excuse our mess on as we are under construction. We will be continuing to update the site over the next couple of weeks, so you will be seeing some changes as we complete pages and update the layout to the final design. 

If you're interested in contributing to or assisting with Southern Passport, email us at We'd love to have you join our team!