Why I'm Ridiculously Happy

Football season is here. No further explanation needed.

Remember when I shared my Dirty Little Secret? Well, DCC is back and I could not possibly be any more excited about it. Am I watching it weekly? Of course. Am I hoarding the entire season on my DVR so I can marathon watch it in a couple months? Absolutely.

After a few business meetings and a lot of discussion and evaluation, I am finally feeling inspired and confident in the direction my new business project will be taking. I struggle with having all these big ideas and then narrowing them down to implement and execute them. I finally feel as though I've tapped into what it needs to be and am moving in the right direction. (More to come on this topic in the coming weeks.)

I'm finally starting to feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel in our remodel. We aren't finished - not even close, but I finally have a kitchen that is fully functional (and oh, so pretty). Downstairs walls are (mostly) painted. Most of the downstairs (minus the work we need to put into the stairs) needs only lighting and flooring. It's so nice to be able to breathe when looking back to the chaos that we were living in since April. I'll finally be able to start sharing updates with you guys this month and that? Makes me super happy.

Fall is just around the corner. Dark nail polish, fall clothes and accessories, colorful leaves, the smell of autumn. Dreaming of it is what's getting me through these unbearably humid 100 degree Central Alabama days.