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AH Inspired Takeaways


October 22, 2014

This pretty little May Book holds all of my AH Inspired takeaways, doodles, dreams, and goals.

But it is so much more than a notebook full of inspiring thoughts. It’s experiences. Connections. Memories. A spark that ignites.

Some of the takeaways were action items with visible results, but the ones that seem to have taken hold of my heart the most are the ones that might not see a tangible outcome, but are life-changing, nonetheless.

Sharing your story is important. People want to connect with you. Vulnerability, authenticity, transparency are the keys to connection and relationships.

You can’t run out of creativity. Be generous with it. Share it, give it away, use it up and you’ll find that you always have more.

Be legit. (This came from a business money management session with Nancy Ray, but I feel it applies to every avenue of business, and life in general.)

You have to have passion for what you do. This is key. Turning a hobby into a business is hard work and you need something that sustains you when the long hours and minimal startup income all start to get overwhelming.

Be true to yourself. Do you. Even if you feel like you’re alone sometimes. Especially if you feel like you’re alone sometimes. Cinderella walked into the ball alone.

Be consistent, give it time, don’t give up, and amazing things will happen. (Kim Stoegbauer) – Dreams demand hustle. It isn’t going to come easily and it isn’t going to come quickly. Stick with it.

Having a small business does not mean that you are small or that your impact will be small. (Emily Ley)

Sharing what you know and what you have learned is so important. At some point, everyone has been the person who has no idea what she’s doing. All of us have, at some point, needed help, reached out, and been met with a slamming door so all of their “secrets” can remain hidden. But what makes this whole industry work is sharing what you know. It’s what makes other people want to share with you what they know. Sure, there’s competition in the industry, but there’s room for us all. Don’t be afraid of the competition finding out what you know – don’t be afraid of them at all. Use it to drive you and make your stronger and help you solidify your own unique, organic brand.

Get curious. (Mica May) – Don’t just take “no” for an answer; ask questions until you find the root of the problem. Say yes. Say yes, until it’s a no.

You don’t have to have a new idea. You have to see an opportunity and you have to do it better than anyone else. (Samantha Shepard)

Everyone has to start somewhere. We all share similar stories, struggles, and backgrounds. We all started in the same place – with a big dream, scared and unsure of how to make it happen. Don’t be intimidated by big brands or big personalities. We all have humble beginnings. Let it fuel you, not hold you back.


AH Inspired Takeaways | Wedding Planners Birmingham Alabama

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