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Wedding Social Media Etiquette

Wedding Planning

February 17, 2017

From clever wedding hashtags to up-to-the-minute status updates, the role social media plays in weddings in becoming increasingly popular. And while it’s fun to share, it can also cause some problems if everyone isn’t on the same page about the role social media will play on the wedding day.

Whether you’re the bride and groom or family and friends, there are a few social media faux pas you’ll want to avoid when it comes to the big event, and we have you covered with some basic social media etiquette guidelines below.


Call first. Before you post, tweet, or Instagram your big news, be sure to give your family and closest friends a call first. They’re going to want to hear it from you personally, not find out on Facebook.

Pictures, not details. You want to show off your pretty new sparkle and let’s be honest here – everyone wants to see it – but keep the details to yourself. Let the picture speak for itself, while keeping the details like carat size and price private.

Find someone to post for you on your wedding day. If you are planning to share your day on social media, assign one specific person to narrate the day for you. You’re going to have a lot going on and social media is going to be the last thing on your mind. Have someone close to you handle this task (not your maid-of-honor, though – she has plenty of responsibilities already) to keep everyone updated throughout the day so you won’t have to. Just remember to post in moderation and make sure the ground rules are set before the day arrives – you don’t want your groom seeing you in your dress for the first time on Instagram.

Keep your wedding-related social media posts positive. If you’re having issues with someone or something, handle it privately via phone or in-person. It’s a stressful time and the last thing you want is to come back from your honeymoon in a better frame of mind, only to be reminded that you aired dirty laundry with a bridesmaid or your mother-in-law online.

Hashtagging. If you’re using a social media hashtag, find some creative ways to tie it into your print materials and wedding web site. Letting everyone know about your hashtag ahead of time, rather than waiting until the day of, is crucial to having a complete feed of photos and not just photos of the reception once they see a sign at their table.


Wait. Don’t post your congratulations to the couple publicly on social media until you have gotten the bride’s or groom’s permission to do so. Wait until they’re ready to share the news themselves after having told their nearest and dearest in person.

Share, but respect requests. If the couple asks you not to post any photos on social media until they do, you’ll want to be sure to honor their request. Some couples choose to share details after they receive their professional photos, so be sure to respect their choice if they go that route.

Keep your phone on silent and put away. This is ESPECIALLY important during the ceremony and reception. You were invited to share in a celebration with the bride and groom and they spent a lot of time planning an event that you would enjoy, so go have some fun! Share a few pictures here and there, but don’t spend the entire time on your phone. And be sure to keep your phone tucked away when you aren’t taking a quick second to snap a photo. No couple wants to look back on their wedding day photos and see phones everywhere.

Use the hashtag. If the couple has a wedding hashtag, use it as much as possible on every photo, post, and tweet related to the day. They’ll have all of their photos in one place to go back and view.

Be mindful of the professional photographer. If there is one single-most important word of advice when it comes to weddings today, this is it. The couple has hired a professional to document their day and you want to be sure you don’t interfere with that. Stay seated during the ceremony – no leaning into the aisle or raising your phone over your head to snap a picture. Be mindful of the location of the photographer throughout the day and make sure you aren’t stepping in front of their picture to get one on your phone. Be sure your flash is turned off to keep from interfering with the photographer’s photos as well.

Unplugged. If the couple has chosen to have an unplugged ceremony and/or reception, respect that decision and keep your phones turned off and put away.


Wedding Social Media Etiquette | Wedding Planners Birmingham Alabama

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